About IonTox



IONTOX is a biotechnology company founded in 2014 dedicated to providing expertise to the area of in vitro toxicology, with a mission to build improved methods for predicting human adverse effects from chemical exposure.

From laboratories located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, IONTOX serves a global client base in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, tobacco, and food additive industries. Through, consulting, product development, and laboratory services the company contributes to the development, application, and interpretation of alternative testing methods. IONTOX aims to advance current alternative toxicology methods through continuous efforts in the research and development of new in vitro technology. Through the company’s contract research laboratories IONTOX offers Advanced in vitro solutions that promise to increase the reliability of in vitro toxicology. If you are interested in discussing how IONTOX expertise can help you; please contact us and an IONTOX scientist will answer your query promptly.


Kalamazoo Location:

4717 Campus Dr, Kalamazoo, MI 49008

San Diego Location:

9444 Waller’s St. Suite 165, San Diego CA 92121

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