Modeling Gut-Liver Interaction Using EpiIntestinal™ Micro-Tissues In the Human Dynamic Multi-Organ Plate (HuDMOP™).

On May 2nd you are invited to join MatTek Corporation and IONTOX, LLC for a joint webinar on the MatTek EpiIntestinal™ model and a new and unique way in which this model is being used to study cholestatic drug-induced liver injury in vitro, using the patented Human Dynamic Multi-Organ Plate

Seyoum Ayehunie, Ph.D.
Jamin Willoughby, Sr., Ph.D.

A New In Vitro Method to Predict the IDILI Potential of Drug Candidates

Our growing knowledge of events underlying IDILI pathogenesis has led to an improved understanding of preclinical prediction of IDILI liability of drug candidates. In this webinar, we will be discussing a new in vitro assay that holds promise for predicting IDILI.

Robert A. Roth, Ph.D., DABT

The Use of a Multiple Organ Plate Model for Evaluating Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Drugs and Chemicals In Vitro.

A webinar discussing an innovative new platform that enables investigators to evaluate drug or chemical pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and toxicity in an in vitro multiple organ model.

James McKim, Ph.D., DABT