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SOT 2019

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For all clients, researchers, colleagues, and friends here is our SOT 2019 information:


2484: Poster Board - P899: In Vitro Evaluation of the Pharmacokinetics of Phenoxyethanol in the Human Dynamic Multi-Organ Plate (HuDMOP)
2483: Poster Board - P898: In Vitro Evaluation of Lily and Radix: Two Traditional Chinese Herbal Extracts for Safety in Human Hepatocytes and an Integrated Organ Platform (HuDMOP)
2479: Poster Board - P894: A Multiple Organ Integrated In Vitro Model for Studying Repeated Dose Toxicity

James McKim, Ph.D., DABT, President/CEO Jamin A. Willoughby, Sr., Ph.D., Vice President of Toxicology Nick Hibbard, MSc., Director, Laboratory Operations

Alan Goldberg, Ph.D., DABT Daniel Acosta, Ph.D., DABT

Microphysiological Inhalation Testing IONTOX & VITROCELL Systems Collaboration

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