Renal Toxicity Screening

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Renal Toxicity
Understand Nephrotoxicity in vitro
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Kidney Models Available  

Introduction To Nephrotoxicity Testing In Vitro 

Pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic companies are responsible for knowing that their products are safe for human use and in the event of misuse that any adverse systemic effects are known.

An important challenge for these industries is the immediate need to reduce or replace animal testing. This means that in vitro alternatives must be found to test new drug candidates, chemical ingredients, or finished products.

In the past, companies could evaluate the safety of new drugs, chemicals, or finished products in animal studies. Although, some animal studies are still done on a routine basis there is real regulatory, consumer, and corporate pressure to reduce, refine, and even replace animal toxicity testing.

Immortalized HK-2 Cell Line To Rank Order Compounds 

Current in vitro models for kidney testing focuses mainly on immortalized cell lines (e.g. HK-2). These models are useful for identifying intracellular mechanisms of toxicity and for toxicity screening studies that can be used to rank order a group of new molecular entities.