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Organ Specific In Vitro Research

Organ Specific In Vitro Research

Organ-Specific In Vitro Research

A single organ is used to identify mechanisms of toxicity, screen a large number of compounds for efficacy or toxicity relative to reference compounds and then use these data to rank order compounds.

Single organ testing is used to identify adverse outcome pathways and targets of toxicity critical to understanding overall chemical hazard and for performing risk assessment.

Many of the in vitro methods used industry wide were pioneered by IONTOX founder Dr. James Mckim 15 years ago. IONTOX continues this trend of innovation by, finding and developing the latest in vitro toxicity testing and putting them to work for your business.


  • IDILI Liability
    • General Hepatotoxicity


  • Compound permeability/Absorption
  • Metabolism
  • Intestinal toxicity
  • Inflammation


  • Drug Drug Interaction (DDI)
  • General Renal Toxicity


  • Inflammation
  • Metabolism
  • General Lung Toxicity


  • Dermal Corrosion
  • Dermal Irritation
  • ET-50(Potency)
  • Cytotoxicity Toxicity


  • Ocular Irritation
  • ET 50 (Potency)