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Microphysiological Inhalation

Microphysiological Inhalation Testing

IONTOX has partnered with VITROCELL Systems to develop an aerosol exposure system to work with the IONTOX integrated human organ platform (HuDMOPTM).

Preliminary Study Results

In preliminary studies, the MucilAirTM 3D human airway tissue from Epithelix was used to evaluate aerosolized rotenone. Rotenone is an isoflavone used as a broad- spectrum insecticide and is known to be a mitochondrial toxin. Following a 24 hr exposure to aerosol containing 0, 50, or 100 μM rotenone, tissue health was assessed using the MTT assay.

The New Aerosol Exposure System

The NEW aerosol exposure system allows scientists to test aerosols for pharmacokinetics and toxicity in an organotypic lung tissue either alone or in our integrated multiple organ platform (e.g. Lung-Liver-Kidney).

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