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in vitro toxicology

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In Vitro Toxicology

For decades, toxicological assessments of drugs and chemicals were performed on animals. However, because of ethical concerns and the increasing costs of bringing a drug to market, in vitro methodologies are now much more commonplace.

In recent years, these in vitro methods have been developed to be increasingly predictive of the human response, all while providing far more rapid turnaround times compared to in vivo studies. Regulatory agencies around the world are becoming much more accepting of in vitro data as a replacement for animal studies.

Let IONTOX’s world-class in vitro toxicology services help support your drug discovery program.  We offer cytotoxicity screens, organ specific toxicity assessments and 3D tissue models for OECD compliant irritation studies.  We also offer systemic toxicity assessments through our proprietary HuDMOP platform.


Please review our scope of services below.


Determining cytotoxicity is a critical component of identifying compound viability early in the preclinical phase of drug development or new product discovery. Read more

Cytotoxicity Screens

3D Tissue Models

Human 3D tissue models have improved, and we now have more sensitive markers of toxicity and new in vitro strategies for assessing adverse effects. Read more

3D Tissue Model Screens

Organ-Specific Toxicity 

Organ-specific toxicity test systems are for clients who are gathering information on how a compound may impact the health of a specific organ. Read more

Toxicity Screens

Systemic Toxicity

Predict Systemic Toxicity In Vitro  IONTOX Exclusive Service

In the past toxicologist have relied heavily on animal or human subjects to study the interplay between chemical movement, blood flow, and organ health. However, toxicity testing in the 21st century requires a new system to meet the needs of the rapidly changing drug, chemical, cosmetic, tobacco, markets, and personal care industries.

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IONTOX is a full service in vitro laboratory.

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