In Vitro Inhalation (Respiratory) Toxicity

Assess systemic toxicity following an inhalation exposure in vitro.

In Vitro Inhalation (Respiratory) Toxicity Service Details

IONTOX used human reconstructed airway models developed by MatTek Corp and by Epithelix. These 3D tissue models are excellent mimics of the in vivo lung airways. IONTOX in collaboration with VitroCell has developed an in vitro exposure chamber capable of delivering test chemicals as an aerosol, powder or a liquid. A panel of cytotoxicity assays are used to predict in vivo lung toxicity. By connecting the lung model to a liver model, it is possible to assess systemic toxicity following an inhalation exposure. Lung absorption, lung toxicity, metabolism, and distribution of the liver with subsequent toxicity and metabolism can be evaluated using the IONTOX human dynamic organ platform (HuDMOP).

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