In Vitro Acute Oral Toxicity Predictor

An in vitro method for predicting an accurate acute oral LD50 value that is critical for new chemical registration.

In Vitro Acute Oral Toxicity Service Details

Determining a rodent acute oral LD50 value is important for new chemical registration. Typically, this test has required the use of animals. IONTOX has developed an in vitro method for accurately predicting the LD50 value. The test incorporates concentration response data from five cytotoxicity assays with metabolic activation assays and physical chemical properties. A proprietary algorithm is then used to process the data and calculate the predicted LD50 value. This unique approach was developed over the past 10 years and is currently being reviewed by Cosmetics Europe. The test has shown sensitivity and specificity >80% and has been applied to a wide range of chemicals.

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