Introducing In Vitro Integrated Organ Testing With HuDMOP®

HuDMOP® is a microphysiological plate system that allows two to three in vitro organ models to be connected with a biologically relevant simulated blood flow.

HuDMOP® For Industry

HuDMOP® In Vitro Integrated Organ Testing Industry Applications

Understand Organ Specific Effects

HuDMOP® is a unique platform that connects key organs in a relevant manner. Interesting-Liver-Kidney, Lung-Liver-Kidney, or Skin-Liver-Kidney. Communication between organs is by a simulated blood system. There is no net change of media.

Develop Detailed In Vitro Pharmacokinetic Data with In Vivo Relevance

Using the HuDMOP® organ compartments are designed to allow for multiple samples to be collected over time without disrupting tissue growth conditions. These data can be utilized to develop pharmacokinetic parameters such as AUC, Cmax, Tmax and %F.

Ask Metabolite and Metabolite ID Related Questions

HuDMOP®’s meso-scale format allows for easy sampling from each organ compartment giving researchers the ability to study primary and secondary metabolites and to perform metabolite ID experiments in an integrated organ and time-dependent manner.

Identify Drug Metabolizing Enzymes Other Than Cytochrome P450s

HuDMOP® integrated organ format allows researchers to identify unique drug metabolism issues related to enzymes like aldehyde oxidase (AO), Monoamine oxidase, and Esterase-2.

Identify Potential Issues Related to Toxicity

Using the HuDMOP® multiple organ compartment set- up with the platform’s physiologically relevant micro- fluidic system connect multiple organs and screen for toxicity that may occur in non target tissues.

Run Complex Multiple Organ Studies at Low Cost Without Requiring a Specialized FTE

HuDMOP® was created around the concept of linking existing in vitro models of well characterized tissue models on a Meso-scale platform that is simple to use. This means, after a few training sessions, a normal cell culture scientist can run studies with HuDMOP®, eliminating the need to hire a new full time scientist.

Gain In Vitro Human Relevant Data

HuDMOP® has been used with some of IONTOX’s largest clients and the results shown to be reproducible.

Develop Human Translatable Disease Models In Therapeutic Areas Where Animal models Are Poor

Using HuDMOP® human relevant in vitro data combined with PBPK modeling done with ScitoVation, scientists can create human translatable disease models in areas where animal models are poor.

Acquire Human Relevant In Vitro Data To Help Support IND Submission and Inform Clinical Studies

Acquire human relevant in vitro data to help inform eINDs and inform clinical studies around a new drug

Get Started with HuMOP®In Vitro Integrated Organ Testing

3-compartment plate set up
3-compartment plate set up with specialty tissue culture insert
3-compartment plate set up with protective lid on
In Vitro Integrated Organ Testing with HuDMOP® is offered as a service provide by IONTOX, L.LC. For more information contact IONTOX by clicking the button below and filling out the form on the following page.