Cytotoxicity Testing

Use cell-based in vitro assays to determine compound toxicity early in drug and new product discovery.

Cytotoxicity Testing Overview

Using cytotoxicity tests, companies can both rank order test compounds by general toxicity and do follow-up investigations with assays designed to look at specific mechanisms of toxicity. For clients seeking to understand how their compound will behave in vivo, a panel of cytotoxicity assays combined with mathematical modeling can be used to estimate in vivo responses from in vitro data.

Cytotoxicity Testing With IONTOX

IONTOX offers a comprehensive list of quality cytotoxicity testing services to fully characterize your test compounds. IONTOX is a science-forward company that follows ISO guidelines and also offers GLP studies for those needing further regulatory assurance. When your cytotoxicity studies are run with IONTOX each study is overseen by a board-certified toxicologist.

Review Our Standard Cytotoxicity Tests

Review the pages below to select a cytotoxicity assay that best fits your organizations' needs. Multiple assays are frequently used when assessing cytotoxicity.

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